Airport Bundled Media
Digital Signage with live FIDS data
Provide airport visitors with visual information about the airport,'s activities and events, give tenant information, provide local and national news, and even up-to-the minute FIDS data!
Telephone On-hold Music & Messages
The "Flagship" of our company and a little something for your Authority offices.
Airport Terminal/Curbside PA Announce
FAA required security public address messages and Authority announcements updated virtually on demand, by remote.
  We don't have to tell you that, to most travelers, few things in life are more fun than sitting around an airport for hours waiting to board a plane where the incoming flight is delayed, listening to a "Ted Knight-ish" PA announcer tell you repeatedly to not park in the red zone!  We know you do everything possible to make "terminal time" as painless as possible from the well manicured planters to the endless loop CNN monitors, to the ever-expanding food court... But,what about your required FAA announcement system and all sorts of other marketing and relations audio tools you could be using?

Our Airport Audio Bundle combines a "HotLink"* public address "terminal+curbside" announce program, a telephone on-hold music & message service for your administrative offices, audio for your parking lot ticket dispensers,
*"HotLink" means your public address audio messages can be updated within minutes remotely.  Think of the possibilities!
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Talking ATM and parking lot "Ticket Spitters"
Yet another way to effectively communicate information, marketing messages, or  helpful parking lot directions to your visitors.
Flight Information Data  (FIDS)
Up to the minute arrival/departure information with secure local access override.  Typically paired with our digital signage.
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