Digital USB Drive Players
Messages are stored on industry standard USB flash drives from 16MB up to 4GB. The  USB loading digital players are capable of MP3 file playback from 8Kbps all the way up to full CD-quality audio playback of 128Kbps.

Audio content is easily managed by plugging the USB flash drive into a PC or MAC computer’s USB port and “dragging and dropping” MP3 files to and from the drive.  You updated message-on-hold files are received via e-mail.
Decoding .................. MPEG (.mp3)
Frequency Response .... 20Hz to 20KHz
Bit Rate ................... 8Kbps to 128Kbps
Sample Rate ............. 16KHz to 48KHz
Memory Type ............. USB Flash Drive
Memory Capacity ........ 16MB to 4GB
Message Loading ......... Computer via USB Flash Drive
Message Playback ....... Continuous
Power...................... 12VDC @ 500mA
Audio Output ............. Mono RCA jack Adjustable volume
Impedance................ 6V p-p @ 8Ω or 3V p-p @ 600Ω
PICA Products USBI
CAN$300.00 GBP£175.00  a/o 6/1/17
The advantages:

  • Updated on-hold audio is sent as an .MP3 file attached to e-mail.  Once received, the file is simply copied or moved through a simple "cut and paste" or, "drag and drop" transaction to a provided flash drive and plugged into the digital player.
  • Eliminates mailing cost of sending cassette tapes.
  • Eliminates unavoidable timeframe of shipping cassette tapes or other media.
  • Eliminates possibility of media being lost or delayed during shipping.
  • Allows easy, timely "re-takes" to audio if necessary.
  • "Emergency" message changes can be live on site literally within minutes.
USB digital messaging systems utilize MP3 compression and common flashdrives for media transport between computer and player.
Pro-Digital VersaPlay LT-1
CAN$222.00 GBP£130.00  a/o 6/1/17
Premier Technologies 1200USB US$215.00
CAN$290.00 GBP£170.00  a/o 6/1/17
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The mediaBOX-200
CAN$760.00 GBP£435.00  a/o 1/1/14
USB digital signage systems dedicated devices for powerful control.
The mediaDROID-150 
CAN$252.00 GBP£145.00  a/o 1/1/14
The mediaDROID-150 ships with a hand held remote control so it's easy to manage your screen using the point and click device. It is a dedicated Digital Signage Player powered by the amazing RK31 1.7GHz quad core processor. The Player delivers smooth graphics while running cool. The built in dual WIFI is powerful enough to pick up even the weakest wireless signal, so you can easily install it without having to run a separate Ethernet cable (although it supports Ethernet 10/100MB as well).

The Player features single HDMI port, multiple USB inputs, optical and mini jack sound ports, fast Ethernet and a powerful WIFI module. Imagine a computing device powerful enough to produce stunning visuals with responsive performance, yet small enough to fit in the palm of your hand.
A tiny 4 x 4 x 1.5” dedicated Digital Signage Player powered by the 3rd generation Intel® Core™ i3- 3217U processor.
The Player features dual HDMI ports to offer dual display capabilities so each one of the two HD screens can run independent content of the other. It is also equipped with five USB ports and an Intel Gigabit Ethernet adapter to provide expandability and scale.
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The mediaDROIDX
CAN$192.00 GBP£110.00  a/o 1/1/14
The mediaDROIDX is an amazing SignagePlayer, powered by a special baked Android 4.4, this dedicated player was designed to play HD content day in and day out. It is a workhorse device that has been battle tested to deliver digital signage campaigns with flawless performance with high reliability.

The mediaDROIDX plays back video at HD with 60 frames per second and still has power left to spare and run other components such as weather widgets, RSS feeds, Facebook, Twitter feeds, QR and much more.

The device is powered with the supplied 120/240V power supply. The mediaDROIDX can locally cache up to 8GB of campaign resources on its internal Flash memory drive, so it can operate even when the connection to the internet is lost with no interruption to your audience