Digital Music for your Business
Available for as little as $680.00/year per location
CAN$740.00  GBP£480.00 a/o 5/1/2014
Set Your Business Mood with Uninterrupted, Commercial-Free, 24-hour Piped-In Music!
The on-site dual-channel digital unit connects to the Internet through its built-in 10/100 LAN jack.
Create the proper ambiance for your lobby, store, office, or restaurant with over 45 channels of CD quality music to choose from!  But, there are no CD's to change or buy and no unwanted DJ Radio talk or advertising.  Just pure, uninterrupted, 24-hour a day music with the latest releases from all the top artists monitored and updated to your music library nightly.  Perfect for any operation where there are customers or employees!  And, all for just pennies a day!

With OH/Audio Ambiance, you can choose daypart or weekpart music genres, and there is no additional cost for seasonal programming!  What's more; The same or even a different music genre can —thanks to the on-site digital hardware's two channel capability— be used with two different music genres in two different areas of your operation (A bit more laid-back for the dining room and more up-tempo in the bar for instance)!
Unlimited messaging on-hold $620.00/year Addtnl.
CAN$675.00  GBP£368.00 a/o 5/1/2014
The advantages:

  • Updated music playlist is sent direct to the digital unit nightly
  • Complete unit management via Internet keeps programming fresh and flexible and eliminates the need for "on site" staff involvement.
  • Dual independent output channels. You can service two separate areas with different music genres.
  • Manage music channel selections and daypart criteria through your own on-line music system management.
OH/Audio's music source is MusicChoice.