Research Data
What You Might Not Know About The Positive Impact M&MOH Can Have On Your Business.

  Most Business Callers Are Placed On-Hold. -- 83% of business callers experience some hold time. Two-thirds of those will be on-hold for 43 seconds or longer (long enough to hear worthwhile information or a pleasant greeting from on-hold messaging).

  Surveys show that 15% to 35% of callers make purchases based on information they hear on-hold. If done right, these messages are as good as any high-priced sales and marketing pitch used in other media.

On-Hold Messaging Will Reduce Hang-ups. -- Callers do not want to wait and will hang up if left on hold too long. 60% of callers placed on-hold will hang up if left in silence for as little as 30 seconds.

  On-Hold Messaging Is Preferred By Most Callers. -- Callers want assistance. 80% of callers appreciate hearing information about a company while waiting, rather than hearing a radio station, sleepy music or silence. On-hold messaging provides helpful information.
Research is from AT&T,
North American Telecommunications Association, US West, Nationwide Insurance, and Maxi-marketing Studies.
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