Voice-Over Production
Tomm Garrett Furch
Having the right voice behind an expensive television or radio commercial, a POS presentation, or training film can grab the audience's attention as much as the visual itself.  Especially important for "setting the mood" of the presentation, the right voice is critical to the production's success. 
Tomm Furch has been in and around broadcasting for over 44 years.  He has voiced everything from radio & TV commercials to film narration, to airport FAA security announcements.
Voice Characteristics: Deep resonance, deliberate
JoJo Jensen
JoJo Jensen has been doing voiceover work for many years from studios in Eugene, Oregon.
Voice Characteristics: Sparky, upbeat, excited
Trisha Moore
Ivy Stewart.  We mourn the sudden loss of our dear friend and partner who passed away at her home in Surrey, England on 27 December 2010
Trisha Moore was morning show host for Smooth Jazz, WJZA in Columbus, Ohio and afternoon drive on Mix 107.9FM.
Voice Characteristics: forceful, deliberate, demanding
Bill Stage
Bill Stage has been doing voice overs for TV and radio since 1996  on anything from corporate narrations to mixtape “drops.”
Voice Characteristics: Honest, friendly...with BITE
OH/A Voice-Over voice talents are available for on-hold message recording however due to contractual obligations, there could be an addtional production charge.