About Us
  • Tomm Furch, Producer/Announcer -- The first "voice" of OH/Audio, Tomm has a long audio production history going back to 1971 when he was "on air" at Western Broadcasting. These days he works out of a studio high in the Rocky Mountains just outside Missoula, Montana.
Angie Pabon --
Angie is actually one of WOSO Radio's best sales Reps.  She steps in to cover for us Gringos when our Puerto Rican clients prefer a bit of Spanish language but without the Pacific Northwest dialect.
  • Angie Pabon, Announcer (Puerto Rico) -- Angie takes care of our Spanish language audio tracks. She doubles as a Sales Associate at WOSO-AM in San Juan, Puerto Rico where she lives full time.
Tomm Furch --
Being frequently mistaken for Moody Blues bassist, John Lodge, has had no effect on ego. That being said; As an Aries and only child, Mr. Furch does sport a certain amount of narcissism that has successfully morfed into a "spare time" venture you can learn about at www.TommFurch.com.
Dave B. --
Fairly well known in the biz, Dave is largely worthless around here but does provide endless amounts of inspiration to always strive for better customer service and product quality than almost humanly possible.
  • Dave B. Quordet, Background Specialist -- Dave is the guy who is fairly resident in the studio. He is the one who keeps us all "on the jazz!"
At OH/Audio, we know the importance of putting personality into the delivery of the message scripts. Delivery that is friendly, personable, and "one-to-one" is the key to relating to the listener.  Here's some of our crew...
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Marsha, Marsha, Marsha... 
Yeah, okay.  We couldn't help that intro.  Having been named some years back as, "One of Baltimore's Top 100 Most Influential Women..." That doesn't mean bupkis when it comes to her ability to deliver some dialog that can make a listener take back things they didn't steal.
  • Marsha Reeves Jews, Announcer -- Former WHCR-FM New York talk show host, Marsha brings a bit of a hip... if not sultry... slant to the audio productions.
Ivy Stewart.  We mourn the sudden loss of our dear friend and partner who passed away at her home in Surrey, England on 27 December 2010