Our M&MOH licensing is a flat annual rate and our clients can change messages as often as they like. No additional cost.  Properties sharing common ownership such as, "branch offices,"  which want to use different messages or change messages independently of the main location are licensed at a fraction of the "host" location annual license fee.  If messages duplicate another branch or the main location, the rate is less yet.

With OH/Audio you get:

  • Unlimited message updates at no additional cost (No charge for message changes, really!)
  • Fast production turnaround (24-hour typical and often same day!)
  • Multi-location and group plan discounted licensing rates
  • “Emergency” production service delivery
  • FREE script writing assistance
  • Credits for new business referrals
  • Discounted collateral production rates for Radio/TV/POS audio
  • Support for all playback audio formats (Cassette load digital, .WAV µ-law, .MP3, .OGG, etc.)
  • Internet down-loadable audio file capability
Music & Messaging On-Hold
Some sample audio...
Carter Powersports (Las Vegas, Nevada) | M&MOH audio
Hill Aviation (San Juan, Puerto Rico) Spanish | M&MOH audio
Public Service Credit Union (Detroit, Michigan) seasonal | M&MOH audio
We offer additional deeply discounted products as well such as custom audio production for radio or TV commercial, point-of-sale (POS) displays or units, or lobby (Storecasting) audio, and production for interactive voice response (IVR) systems as well as other specialty audio products.
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